Dynamited Cave

MapTech: Go to>Coordinates (UTM): 10 06 01 000 E 50 90 350 N

Resources: SCSO, EMS: SCEMS, Primary SAR: Wind River SAR, Alternate SAR: VRT

Notes: One of many lava tubes found in Skamania County, its name comes from efforts to blast the entrance closed.

This cave contains features which pose significant hazards to those attempting to navigate them. Among these are a 40 lava fall, a 50 "Wood Pit," as well as hazards associated with just about any lava tube.

The entrance is very small, and may require enlargement to extract a patient. Fallen lava creates unstable footing throughout much of the cave. A short distance into the cave, a 15 drop leads to a lower chamber. Continuing original direction of travel for main cave. Back under leads to an unusual formation known as the "Sand Castles."

SAR: Any time a rescue is required in lava tubes, it is recommended that as much manpower as possible is applied to the problem. Obviously, lighting is an issue (lightsticks are valuable for marking and ambient illumination), and all rescuers should have multiple light sources.

Rescuers should always have appropriate clothing and equipment. This includes sturdy boots, leather gloves, helmet and headlamp, kneepads and clothing suitable to approximately 40 degrees year round.

Access: 60 Rd. to the 6020 Rd. north, take the 011 spur west. There is a small parking area on the south side of the spur road, follow the footpath to the entrance. (R9E, T6N, Sec 32)

Dynamited Cave Map