Falls Creek (Lava) Cave

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Resources: SCSO, EMS: SCEMS, Primary SAR: Wind River SAR, Alternate SAR: VRT

Access: 601 spur, off the 6701 Rd. (R7E, T5N, Sec 1). Near the end of the 601 spur, is a parking area, there are three sections of collapsed tube southeast of the parking area, the southern of these is the main entrance to the cave.

Notes: Another popular lava tube, this cave has two main passageways.

Following the main passageway, there will be a branch passage up on the left side. This is a semi-circle that loops back to the main passageway at a major junction.

At this junction, the right passage narrows to impassability after a fairly short distance. The main passage continues for quit a ways, with a couple of drops. There is also a side loop on the right side. Eventually this passage appears to terminate at a larger chamber.

The main junction is also where the earlier loop returns.

As is typical of lava tubes, the floor is often littered with various sized boulders which have fallen from the walls and ceiling, making footing quite treacherous.

SAR: Any time a rescue is required in lava tubes, it is recommended that as much manpower as possible is applied to the problem. Obviously, lighting is an issue (lightsticks are valuable for marking, and ambient illumination), and all rescuers should have multiple light sources.

Rescuers should always have appropriate clothing and equipment. This includes sturdy boots, leather gloves, helmet and headlamp, knee pads and clothing suitable to approximately 40 degrees year round.

Falls Creek Cave Map