Silver Star Mountain

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Resources: SCSO, EMS: SCEMS, Primary SAR: Silver Star SAR, Wind River SAR, Alternate SAR: VRT

Notes: Silver Star Mountain (R5E, T3N, Sec 18), at 4,390 feet, is the focus of the scenic, high-elevation ridgetop. Repeated wildfires cleared timber from the area now covered with meadows, berry fields, and in the spring a spectacular wildflower display. The main ridge runs north and south with side ridges intersecting it. The dividing ravines are very steep and quite deep in several areas.

Silver Star Mountain

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Trail #180

Notes: A part of the abandoned 4109 Rd., which runs north and south, just west of the summit of Silver Star Mt. (R4E, T3N, Sec 18).

Access: From the north, off the 41 Rd. (R5E, T4N, Sec 30/31), the 4109 is fairly well maintained all the way to the 180 Trailhead. It appears possible to drive further, but the road is officially closed at that point.

Accesss: From the south, off the DNR 200 Rd. (R5E, T3N, Sec 31), the 4109 is drivable to within about 2 miles of the summit. It may be passable beyond that, but is very rough and quite narrow, following just below an open ridge.

Because of recent logging, the lower section of road has been redone, and heads west of the original road. Watch for the old road to split off the new on the east side. This road is very rough, and requires 4WD with good clearance.

Bluff Mountain Trail #172

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Description: Trail 172 traverses the open ridgetop from Little Baldy west to Silver Star. The trailhead (R5E, T3N, Sec 10) is at the end of the narrow and rocky 502 Rd. off the 41 Rd. Gaining a little over 1000 of elevation in approximately 4 miles. This moderate trail swings past the north side of Bluff Mt. and crosses a saddle and curves around the south side of Little Baldy. From there it follows a ridgeline to the summit of Silver Star Mt.

Trail #175

Description: Comes in from the north off the 4107 Rd. (R5E, T4N, Sec 32), and intersects with the 172 Trail just east of the summit. This trail is extremely steep for about the first mile as it follows a narrow road. Where it splits off the road, the trail is fairly obscured, and is difficult, if not impossible to follow. The course of the trail does follow a ridgeline all the way to the 172 trail, so that junction may be found without staying on the trail proper.