Table Mountain (Heartbreak Ridge)

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Resources: SCSO, EMS: SCEMS, Primary SAR: Wind River SAR

Description: Rising northwest of Stevenson, the Red Bluffs run from Table Mt on the west, to Greenleaf Peak on the east. The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) comes up from the Bonneville Dam Trailhead, past Gillett Lake, Greenleaf Creek, Sacaquawee and Papoose Rocks, and around the western flanks of Table Mt. The trail then climbs over a saddle (under powerlines) and continues north on the east side of Birkenfelt Mt., on toward Three Corner Rock.

Table Mountain (Heartbreak Ridge) Map

Area Road Map (pdf)

Access from the South

Description: The most direct hiking access is from an abandoned road east of Aldrich Butte (R7E, T2N, Sec 20). At Carpenter Lake (now a field) follow the jog to the left and up instead of going straight. Continue to climb until you intersect the PCT. The road and PCT cross each other a couple of times, watch for PCT markers on trees.

SAR: Extraction on the PCT may be facilitated by conventional trail stokes evacuation.

Access from the North

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Description: Access (north side) Red Bluff (2000) Rd. off Ryan Allen (R7E, T3N, Sec 35), after 0.7 miles, left on 2020 Rd. 4.1 miles; stay left. 4.2 miles; straight (no left). 4.3 miles; left. 5 miles; road starts getting rougher. 5.2 miles; left. 6.8 miles; multi junction, right. 7.3 miles; left. 8.7 miles; right, 9.2 miles; left, under the power line, cut up the hill PCT crosses road at the top before the field (R7E, T3N, Sec 31).

Note: This is a fairly rough road, expect at least an hour travel time.

Heartbreak Ridge and Porkupine Ridge Trails

Description: The Heartbreak Ridge Trail cuts north off the PCT and follows a ridgeline to the peak of Table Mt. This trail is very steep and rough in places, and should be used with caution.

Just about half mile further up (NW) the PCT is Porkupine Ridge Trail to Table Mt's summit. This trail follows a ridge west of Table Mt., swings around to the north, then south to the summit. It is also very steep and rough.

SAR: Patient evacuation from either of these trails requires steep angle ropes rescue techniques. Hoist capable helicopter support should be considered due to extreme risk to rescuers and extended rescue times.