Wind River Fishing Area

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Resources: SCSO, EMS: SCEMS, Primary SAR: Wind River SAR

Access: MP7, Wind River Hwy (R7E, T4N, Sec 36, NW 1/4)

Description:A popular area for fishing, with a parking lot on the west side of the hwy, this area is access by a series of steep trails down the east wall of the riverís ravine.

Note: There is a trail from the north end of the main parking lot (purple area below), which splits into at least two different routes. North of that is a smaller "No Parking" area (small purple area), which also has a trail that splits.

South of the main parking lot is another trail that traverses steep areas to the river bank.

SAR: Steep, to high angle ropes rescue is likely called for in patient extraction from the riverís edge. Helicopter hoist operations, while tricky, have been accomplished from the ravine.

Wind River Fishing Area Map