Enlightening Events

This one of a kind event uses Humor and Heart to connect people together in a wonderful spiritual way showing that we are all one and need to shine. So join Chuckie G on this once in a lifetime journey as he’ll show you how well you can connect to the oneness as he did. Contact us and get an event booked today you won’t be disappointed!

Also watch for events in your area and come and see how happy and connected you can be to the world around you!

Paranormal Underground Magazine

Paranormal Underground Magazine is your connection to the paranormal world. Our paranormal magazine covers the most sought-after topics in the paranormal field, including Paranormal Investigation, Ghosts & Hauntings, UFO Phenomena, Cryptids & Mythological Creatures, Psychic Phenomena, Magic & Lore, Crystals & Herbology, Metaphysics and Energy Healing, and Dream Interpretation, among many other paranormal-related content.

Join us as we Explore the Unexplained!