So today I was on Ultimate Success Masterclasses doing my work and I saw a notification from a lady who posted something that really filled me with joy! It was that somewhere along the line she had read a post I put on my own story of moving forward and took to heart some of what I said and used it and it allowed her to be stronger in what she was doing to herself. It was very humbling to say the least. Here is what was posted, I kept her name private:

Posted 2/18/17 : Yesterday, I had a chat with God and asked him: how much further down do I have to go down on my knees, before I get it? That was on my walk around the block in glorious winter sunshine. Then I realized that in spite of my current predicament, fear has left me. Matter of fact, I feel energized to get off my rear and get moving. Natalie’s tools are helping. For one, writing down my daily gratitude’s keeps me focused on how good life is. After my qi gong class last night, I was so deliciously tired that I didn’t meditate before sleeping. This morning while I enjoyed that yummy warmth under the covers, while slowly waking up, I had a great idea on how to promote my efforts, using my writing skills. It just popped into  my head. As Chuck says in his first post: ‘…be Strong and Happy in everything you do…..’. With that philosophy fear/anxiety are out of the picture, and creativity becomes available for help, for healing, for peace. And the energy to move forward. Here’s to life!